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Climbing & Hiking

We have 'Easy Hiking Tours' and 'High-standard Climbing Tours.'

Climbing & Hiking

We want you to enjoy a refreshing ride throughout the courses!

Guide in fields (Agritourism)

Vegetable lovers or non-vegetable lovers are all welcome! Join the tours with your friends and families!

Guide in fields (Agritourism)
Kaminokoike Snowshoe

It is an exciting winter activity guided by nature guides. In winter, Kaminokoike Pond is covered with white snow.

Kaminokoike Snowshoe & Skishoe Tour

East Okhotsk Guide Association

If you want to experience our grand nature with our guides, professionals who are familiar with the area, please contact East Okhotsk Guide Association. We can prepare a program that suits you. We invite you to experience the great nature with us!
East Okhotsk Guide Association 0152-25-4111 (Kiyosato Tourist Association)


  • 木村順一
  • 千葉亮
  • 笹渕俊幸
  • 市川健一
  • 天野 克彦
  • 西舘 智也

NPO Corporation Kiyosato Tourist Association
Association for Promotion of Kiyosato Regional Development

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