Hotel Kiyosato

Auberge with natural hot spring opened on July 31, 2007. There are rooms with outdoor bath.

  • Address 815-8 Aza Kamishari Kiyosato-Cho
  • Phone 0152-25-2060

Kiyosato Onsen Hotel Ryokuseiso

Renovated in December 2010! 30 new guest rooms were built. Hot spring for a day use is available.

  • Address 31 Hagoromo-Machi Kiyosato-Cho
  • Phone 0152-25-2281

Lodge Fukeiga

A lodge in a field where you can overlook Mt. Shari, one of the 100 Top Mountains in Japan, as well as Shiretoko and the Sea of Okhotsk with the drifted ice.

  • Address 785-6 Koyo Kiyosato-Cho
  • Phone 0152-25-3330

Guest House & Meals FUJI

Located in front of JR Kiyosatocho station. You can eat ramen, set meals or fresh seafood during the day.

  • Address 5 Mizumoto-Cho Kiyosato-Cho
  • Phone 0152-25-2528

Hokutennowagaya (Home in North) Juru

A small inn that accepts only one group a day. We are waiting for your return to your home in the north.

  • Address 71-45 Midori-Machi Kiyosato-Cho
  • Phone 0152-26-7860

Rider House Kiyosato

1,000JPY/adult/night without a meal. A roadside station is close-by. Hot spring for a day use, a restaurant, and a store are available.

  • Address 14 Sattsuru Kiyosato-Cho
  • Phone 090-7051-1518 or 0152-26-2008

Neko no shippo

The owner is a fishing guide.A small inn that accepts only one group a day.

  • Address 71-25 Midori-Machi Kiyosato-Cho
  • Phone 090-8331-8786

Guest House Hagoromo 39

This is a guest house in Kiyosato town with convenient access to Shiretoko and Akan. It is located in a quiet residential area.

  • Address 39-65 Hagoromo-cho, Kiyosato-cho
  • Phone 090-7657-6847

Mountain Hut Seigakuso

Mountain Hut on Mt. Shari. Trailhead of Mt. Shari climbing. Water in the building is NOT good for drinking.

  • Address 872 Konan Kiyosato-Cho
  • Phone 0152-25-4111 Kiyosato Tourist Association

Kiyosato Auto Camping Ground

Close to main sightseeing spots of Kiyosato-Cho; Mt. Shari, Shochu Brewery, and hot springs.

  • Address 807 Konan Kiyosato-Cho
  • Phone 0152-25-3500

Hot springs Admission is all the same in the 3 places: 450 JPY/adult, 140 JPY/child (7-15), 0 JPY/ child (0-6)


Kiyosato Onsen Hotel Ryokuseiso

It is a 100% natural hot spring. Some water added to adjust the temprature because the source temperature is high.

  • Address 31 Hagoromo-Machi Kiyosato-Cho
  • Phone 0152-25-2281
  • Opening Hours 10:00 - 21:30
Roadside Station Papasland Sattsuru

We have outdoor baths and a footbath as well as the natural hot spring baths. A footbath is for free.

  • Address 1071 Kamoi Aza Kiyosato-Cho
  • Phone 0152-26-2288
  • Opening Hours 10:00 - 21:00
Midori no yu

It is a 100% natural hot spring. In Omoiyari Bath, an elderly person and a disabled person can take a bath with their caregivers.

  • Address 26 Midori-Machi Kiyosato-Cho
  • Phone 0152-27-5511
  • Opening Hours 10:00 - 21:00

NPO Corporation Kiyosato Tourist Association
Association for Promotion of Kiyosato Regional Development

62 Hagoromo-Machi Kiyosato-Cho Shari, 099-4405 Hokkaido Map

TEL : 0152 - 25 - 4111
FAX : 0152 - 26 - 7508