Potato Shochu

Kiyosato-Cho is one of Japan's most famous areas for the production of potatoes. In 1975, the challenge started to explore the local special product using these potatoes. Four years later in April 1979, "Potato shochu Kiyasato" was released. It is the first potato shochu in Japan.
Shochu made from these potatoes soon became very popular, and the shochu brewery was built in 1986. Kiyosato Shochu sparked the boom of "One Village, One Product" campaign, and it led the other areas throughout the country making their local shochu. In 1989, Kiyosato-Cho was chosen as one of the "The Top 100 Town-Planning Communities of Hokkaido" as they evaluated the town for playing the important role in the regional development.
Kiyosato Shochu received "Good Design Awards 2015".

  • Dealers Available at almost all the stores in Kiyosato-Cho: such as supermarkets, liquor stores, shops, hotels, a roadside station, and so on.
  • Mail orders Available from Kiyosato Shochu Brewery.

Producer Mont Blanc

Kiyosato Hana Cookie, Sharidake Pumpkin Pie, Kiyosato Pumpkin Dorayaki, Kiyosato Grilled Doughnut, and so on.
  • Address 5 Mizumoto-Cho Kiyosato-Cho
  • Phone 0152-25-3221
  • Opening Hours 9:00 - 19:00
  • Closed Sun

Producer Kiyosato Mugikobo

Pumpkin Bread, Bread with Sahoro Red Bean Paste, Yam Potato Doughnut, Fried Dough Cookies, Haruyokoi Cookies, and so on.
  • Address 81 Koyo-kita Kiyosato-Cho
  • Phone 0152-25-2888
  • Opening Hours 10:00 - 18:00
  • Closed Sun/Mon/Tue/Wed

Producer Sawada Farm

Okkara (tofu refuse cookies), Okazu miso (flavored soybean paste), tofu "Yukimushi" and so on. Sold at Roadside Station Papasland and Kiyorl.
  • Address 40 Aza Kamishari Kiyosato-Cho
  • Phone 0152-25-3698
  • Opening Hours -
  • Closed -

Producer Okuchan Farm

Amanatto made with red kidney beans and white flower beans from Kiyosato. Available at Roadside Station Kiyorl.
  • Address -
  • Phone -
  • Opening Hours -
  • Closed -

Producer Farmer's Kitchen TOKO-TOKO

Tamachanman (steamed buns with meat and onion filling), Potato Shochu cake, and so on.
  • Address 42 Hagoromo-Machi Kiyosato-Cho
  • Phone 0152-26-7095
  • Opening Hours 10:00 - 18:00
  • Closed Mon/Wed/Fri

Producer Berry-no-mori Kobo

Blueberries, haskap, Aronia, and various kinds of jams
  • Address 67 Konan Kiyosato-Cho
  • Phone 090-4870-0336
  • Opening Hours 10:00 - 17:00
  • Closed Mon/Tue/Wed/Thu (Closed in winter)

Producer Kiyorl

Various kinds of local products. Local noodles are popular ones.
  • Address 62 Hagoromo-Machi Kiyosato-Cho
  • Phone 0152-25-4111
  • Opening Hours Summer 9:00 - 18:00 Winter 9:00 - 17:00
  • Open 7 days a week (Except the New Year holidays)

When I left the town for some conference, I heard someone say "There's no good food sold as souvenirs."
I asked him, "Have you ever come to Kiyosato-Cho?" The answer was "No" as I had expected.
I looked at him in the eye and passed him a brochure of our town.
From Journals of the Executive Director

NPO Corporation Kiyosato Tourist Association
Association for Promotion of Kiyosato Regional Development

62 Hagoromo-Machi Kiyosato-Cho Shari, 099-4405 Hokkaido Map

TEL : 0152 - 25 - 4111
FAX : 0152 - 26 - 7508