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Kaminokoike Pond Kanjiki (snowshoe) Walking

Why don't you join "Kanjiki (snowshoe) Walking" tour of walking 4 km (round-trip) to the fantastic "Kaminokoike Pond" in winter with the nature guide? Kaminokoike Pond covered with the white snow welcomes you with a marvelous view which is quite different from that in the summer. After the tour, please enjoy a nice lunch at 'Kiyorl' and relax your tired body at a hot spring in the town.


Mountain Opening day of Mt. Shari

The last Sunday of June
Though snowed in during winter, Mt. Shari opens on the last Sunday in June. At 6:30 AM, prayers for safety are offered at Seigakuso, the trailhead, and many people climb to its top with a nature guide. From the summit, you can have a nice view of Lake Mashuoko and the Sea of Okhotsk, and even Kunashirijima Island on a fine day.
Mt. Shari Climbing Guide


Gran Fondo Kiyosato

The first Sunday of July
It is the highest-class cycling event that you can experience only in Kiyosato-Cho on the vast land of Hokkaido! Enjoy the huge landscape of Hokkaido with spreading mountains and fields. Have a fantastic ride on the wide roads with small traffic in the great location with a view of Mt. Shari and enjoy our delicious supplement food using the local products and ingredients!
Granfondo KIYOSATO official site


Bon Festival

Not only children but also grown-ups enjoy the short summer of Kiyosato-Cho. It is a bustling festival with many stalls.


Kiyosato Shrine Festival

Not only children but also grown-ups enjoy the short summer of Kiyosato-Cho. Portable shrines parade around the town. When there are not enough people to carry the shrine, a tractor pulls the dolly which carries a portable shrine on it.


Hometown Industry Festival

The first Sunday of September
It is one of the autumn traditions of Kiyosato-Cho. It starts with "Potato Dance Parade" on the night before. On the day of the festival, you can enjoy many attractions such as singing shows performed on the stage, various products of Kiyosato-Cho, "Hokkaido Kiyosato" (Potato Shochu brewed in the town), and other delicious prepared food. Have a pleasant day of autumn in Kiyosato-Cho!


Mt. Shari Road Race

Kiyosato-Cho has many good roads for people who want to enjoy running in the rural scenery. Mt. Shari Road Race, held in September every year, offers various courses for entry, such as the Half Marathon and the 1 km run by the teams of parents and children.


Outdoor Festival

the last Sunday of September every year
An outdoor event will be held to promote the event using the "Space Observatory", "Kiyosato Auto Campground", and "Konan Park Golf Course", centered on "Hoshikaze no Oka", which has been developed after Konan Farm. We will have mountain bike tours, Hoshikaze no Oka walking, and photo sessions.

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