Ojikanotaki Falls

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It is a 25m tall waterfall in Gonosawa, the upper stream of Shari River. It is about 20km from Midori-Machi, deep in the forest from Shari River Forest Road, on the south side of Mt. Shari. It's a mysterious waterfall without a river upstream. The water comes down from Mt. Shari and it emerges from the rocks at a rate of 30,000 tons per day. The neighborhood is rather dark even in the daytime, but the sound of water and the songs of the little birds will welcome you in the summer.


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  • It is 36km from Kiyosato-Cho downtown. From Midori-Machi, Drive 4km along Dodo (Hokkaido Prefectural Route) 1115 toward Nakatshibetsu and turn left into Shari River Forest Road. Drive 7km, and go straight to the gravel road. The entrance (parking lot) is in about 9 km. A few-minute-walk will take you to the Falls.
  • Although it is on our recommendation list, it takes time to get to this scenic point. (We ask you for patience!)
  • We strongly recommend carrying a bear bell.

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